what is OUR MISSION?

"Our mission at Windsor Baptist Church is to faithfully follow and make followers of Jesus Christ by elevating Christ above ourselves, encouraging others in their walk with Christ, and engaging the world with the gospel of Christ."

how can i faithfully follow Christ?

  • Elevate Christ

    Christ is worthy of our devotion, praise, and action because of His death and resurrection for our sins. We elevate Christ above ourselves by gathering together to hear His word and worship Him by the power of His Spirit, while calling on others to believe in the good news of His love for us.

  • Encourage others

    This life is full of heartaches and temptations. Christ gave His church to us so we would be strengthened by each other. We encourage others in their walk with Christ through Life Groups. Our goal is to encourage someone else in their faith as they encourage us in our faith.

  • Engage the world

    As the light of the world and salt of the earth, we proclaim the good news of Christ in every circumstance. We engage the world with the gospel of Christ through our community events, service opportunities, and outreach programs so that others will become faithful followers of Christ.

What do we want to see God do among us?

PeopleWe envision more people coming to know Christ at Windsor. We desire that the unreached and unloved of Imperial, Barnhart, Kimmswick, Arnold, and into Jefferson County and beyond would know Windsor is a church that loves God and loves others.


Biblical CommunityWe envision disciples of Christ investing in each other’s lives at Windsor. As we learn and apply God’s word to our hearts, our vision is that we invite others to do the same and help them in their walk with the Lord. We desire that every member develop authentic relationships with each other and challenge each other to engage in service to others. As we live together as the body of Christ at Windsor, our community will grow stronger and glorify God more with each gathering.


EvangelismWe envision each and every member being the light of the world that Christ called us to be at Windsor. If the gospel is the greatest news ever told, then we must do all we can to get this wonderful news to our family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and classmates. We desire that every member be trained and encouraged to engage the world with their faith in Jesus so that God would be lifted high among others. While we may differ in our opportunities and abilities to share the gospel, our vision is that every person at Windsor knows the eternal priority that evangelism takes in our church.


ServiceWe envision being a church that is for the community at Windsor. We desire to be at the front lines of service in our neighborhoods and take every opportunity to show the compassion of Christ in our lives. We want to be such a bright light for Jesus in a dark community through service and giving that even non-believers in our community know Windsor is a church committed to them.


GrowthWe envision growing dramatically at Windsor. While we can do nothing to grow ourselves, we desire to be faithfully obedient to the commands of Christ so that He would provide growth. Just as we know Jefferson County will grow over the next 10 years, our vision is that we would grow spiritually and numerically so that the name of Jesus would be lifted high in our communities.


FamiliesWe envision families growing and beginning at Windsor. We desire to see kids come to know the Lord, faithfully commit themselves in service and love as they grow up in the Lord as adults. As fully mature disciples of Christ, we will seem them start their own families for the glory of God. Our vision is that children would be all over the building every time we gather together, desiring to hear more about God’s word and showing Christ’s love in all they do.


Discipleship TrainingWe envision Windsor being a disciple-making machine. Every ministry, event, procedure, and plan will be focused on making disciples of all nations and teaching them the commands of Christ. What doesn’t fit now will be changed to fit in this vision, and what cannot fit will be reimagined. We will do whatever it takes to see people surrender their life to Jesus, whether to accept eternal salvation or to the call of ministry, and we will support and train both to grow in maturity towards that surrender.


MissionariesWe envision more people answering the call of being a missionary at Windsor. Our desire is to send out faithful disciples into the world, whether they go overseas to proclaim Christ, or they plant a new church in our area to help reach others for Christ. Our vision is that we grow in our giving and support of missionaries, and that our resources would be given to supporting missionaries being sent out from our church family at Windsor.


FacilitiesWe envision every square inch of our facilities being used to declare the gospel of Christ and strengthen disciples at Windsor. We will use our building that God provided as a tool to reach our community for Christ, and the body at Windsor will use it to grow in their love of God’s Word and their love for each other. Our vision is that as our church grows for Christ’s glory, our facilities will grow along with it.


The Present and FutureWe envision Windsor being a church on fire for Jesus. Our mission to “faithfully follow and make followers of Christ” will be authentically executed. Our worship services will elevate Christ above ourselves, our Life Groups will help us encourage each other, and our ministries will engage the communities that surround Windsor with the gospel of Jesus Christ. We will always come to God’s Word for direction as a church, and we will ask the Spirit of God to guide us in our obedience to His Word

what we believe

As a church, we cooperate with other like-minded churches that belong to the Jefferson Baptist Association, the Missouri Baptist Association, and the Southern Baptist Convention. Our core doctrinal foundations comes from the Baptist Faith and Message 2000. In this doctrine you will find our beliefs regarding Scripture, God, God as the Son and Holy Spirit, Salvation, and many other important topics.

As an local church, we also recognize our particular theological positions and how we live by them here at Windsor Baptist. You can read our "Statement of Position and Practice".