what is OUR MISSION?

"Our mission at Windsor Baptist Church is to faithfully follow and make followers of Christ by elevating Christ above ourselves, encouraging others in their walk with Christ, and engaging the world with the gospel of Christ."

how can i faithfully follow Christ?

  • Elevate Christ

    Christ is worthy of our devotion, praise, and action because of His death and resurrection for our sins. We elevate Christ above ourselves by gathering together to hear His word and worship Him by the power of His Spirit, while calling on others to believe in the good news of His love for us.

  • Encourage others

    This life is full of heartaches and temptations. Christ gave His church to us so we would be strengthened by each other. We encourage others in their walk with Christ through LIFE Groups. Our goal is to encourage someone else in their faith as they encourage us in our faith.

  • Engage the world

    As the light of the world and salt of the earth, we proclaim the good news of Christ in every circumstance. We engage the world with the gospel of Christ through our community events, service opportunities, and outreach programs so that others will become faithful followers of Christ.

what we believe

As a church, we cooperate with other like-minded churches that belong to the Jefferson Baptist Association, the Missouri Baptist Association, and the Southern Baptist Convention. Our core doctrinal foundations comes from the Baptist Faith and Message 2000. In this doctrine you will find our beliefs regarding Scripture, God, God as the Son and Holy Spirit, Salvation, and many other important topic. Click HERE to see the full doctrine.

As an local church, we also recognize our particular theological positions and how we live by them here at Windsor Baptist. You can read our "Statement of Position and Practice" by clicking HERE.