"The people of Windsor Baptist Church seek to honor God by fulfilling the mission of Christ, strengthening families in their faith and living in covenant community."


Mission of WBC- "The people of Windsor Baptist Church seek to honor God by fulfilling the mission of Christ, strengthening families in their faith and living in covenant community." 

Who Are We? It might be better to ask, who we are trying to become. You see, we are not there yet, but we are trying. We consider all followers of Christ a part of His family and we take that relationship very seriously. It underlies every decision we make and why we do what we do. To simplify our mission statement, we attempt to live out the three C’s as members of WBC. This is what we believe will lead us to become an Exponential Church. Jesus called us to join him in sharing His message of salvation with everyone. He also commanded us to add members to the family of God through what we call discipleship. This means that every member who chooses to follow Christ also becomes a part of the family that reaches out to others and challenges them to do the same. So as each member does their part, the family of God grows Exponentially. The three C’s are: 

1 - To obey the Command of Christ – The underlying command of Jesus that we obey is to Love. This must be the foundation of all else we do or it does not matter. 

2 – To fulfill the Commission of Christ – Found in Matt 28:18-20 - There are three parts of the Mission of Christ that make up the whole and these define our activities as well. In this mission we are commanded to: 

  • Make disciples – That means to share with people the truths about Jesus and challenge them to follow Him. 
  • Baptize them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit – Those that choose to follow, we baptize as a public profession that they believe in Him and have chosen to make Him Lord of their life and trust Him alone for salvation by grace alone. 
  • Teach them to obey everything he commanded – This is not about teaching knowledge but obedience. It is a character trait of devotion to the Lord and Savior not rules or religion. 

3 – To live in Community – To live in community means to live as if we really are members of the same family and are each devoted to the rest in love. 

One of the ways that we live out these three C’s, is that we challenge every member to do life together with others, in what we call a “Life Groups”. Life Groups are designed to create an environment where smaller groups of the family can grow in obedience together. They also, pray together, study, have fun and support each other. One of the goals of doing life together in a Life Group is to really connect with others in authentic relationships. For more information on Life Groups click HERE

This is who we are trying to become at Windsor Baptist Church.

what we believe

As a church, we cooperate with other like-minded churches that belong to the Jefferson Baptist Association, the Missouri Baptist Association, and the Southern Baptist Convention. 

Our core doctrinal foundations comes from the Baptist Faith and Message 2000. In this doctrine you will find our beliefs regarding Scripture, God, God as the Son and Holy Spirit, Salvation, and many other important topic. Click HERE to see the full doctrine.